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“Most of us struggle to trust and thus fail to follow our inner mystic.  Not so Deb Speer Claire who with this fabulous book shares her rich journey to places of unity with the divine.  She beautifully conveys her experience with nature particularly her beach where the here and the over there profoundly merge and grasp her senses and will the readers.  This is not a religious piece.  It is not about religion.  It is not for religious purposes.   It is not a treatise on spirituality.  It is prayer.  It is spirituality.  It is mysticism at its best.  This shaman at heart with the sensitivity of Sophia plunges to the bedrock of Spirit’s unifying presence in pure love.  Her words are inspiring.  They are uplifting.  They capture soul’s longing.  And they will move you to greater depth in your journey.  So sit quietly in a place that is calling you and listen deeply to your heart.  Then lay your pen to paper and allow to flow what Spirit speaks to you.  It will be the most adventurous journey of your life. ”                                           

 Howard Humphress, D. Min.

Executive Director  – Program in Pastoral Care  & Counseling

East Ohio Conference United Methodist Church